Company Profile:

We service an extensive range of quality eyewear products (including sunglasses manufacturer,titanium optical frames,etc.) with competitive prices to cater all your fashion need.We build long-term partnership with our valuale customers and grow our business together.

As professional optical frames manufacturer, Our aim is to provide customers with excellent service,prompt quotation,committed delivery shcedule and quality workmanship optical frames products.Based on our strong experience and profound acknowledge in both manufacturing and exporting.we can ensure that customers' satisfaction will be met!

Company Objective:

In order to provide the best value to our customers, we establish a network of dedicated suppliers from raw material to production to maximize and synergize sourcing benefit for our customers. Furthermore,we have our own factories.That is to say, you are purchasing to us without giving any extra commission to the export agency so that you save your purchase cost.

Sales Network:

We distribute our products to the Asia, Europe, U.S and Canadian markets. Our customers, including private label buyers, major department stores and chain stores importers, all enjoy our top-notch, efficient one-stop service.

Products Gallery:

Optical Frames

We consider metal spectacle frames as our major and strong products. In the past 10 years, customers from Asia(such as Singapore, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China Hongkong and China Taiwan), Europe, America and Canada, all enjoy our stylish products with high quality and competitive prices which result from our rich maanufacturing experience, creative designer team and strict quality control team.

Reading Glasses :We are dedicated to make the reading glasses a stylish product

Sunglasses:We know well that sunglasses is no longer an item only for protecting our eyes from the UV, but a kind of stylish accessary for people to demostrate their personality.
All our efforts are dedicated to provide you with items useful and stylish.

Optical Accessaries:We are also in the position of providing our honored customers with varied quality and stylish optical accessaries.

Rimless spectacle frames:A stylish item realized with varied materials.

Injection moulded spectacle frames:A kind of spectacle frames realized with the latest and most advanced technology.